Transfer Pricing UHY Services We are the representatives of UHY International in Ecuador, which allows our Audit services, as well as its tools, to have a great evolution, allowing us to offer a final product of great use to our clients. Considering our local and international presence, and due to the high technical standards that we maintain in each UHY office around the world, our audit reports are endorsed worldwide.

Among the specialized services in Transfer Pricing that we offer we have the following:

Preparation of Integral Transfer Pricing Reports, both local and foreign.

Preparation of Annexes of Operations with Related Parties.

Technical assistance and defense in Glosses and Administrative Determinations by the Tax Administration against taxpayers, specifically related to Transfer Pricing.

Valuation of intangible assets (contracts, royalty agreements or services, among others).

Consultancy specialized in Transfer Pricing for the correct management and structuring of Operations with Related Parties, whether these are existing or future operations.

Execution of Advance Price Agreements (APA) with the Tax Administration.

Realization of Regional Trade Agreements (ARC) with other Tax Administrations (abroad).

Planning and structuring of Full Competition Prices (Arm’s Length).


We are a group of professionals who provide specialized, timely and proactive services.

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