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Subregional and / or national component certification (vehicle assemblers).

Internal occupational health and safety regulations.


Audit Report regarding compliance with the policies for the prevention of Money Laundering

For entities subject to the control and surveillance of the Superintendency of Companies, as well as the Financial Analysis Unit, we offer verification services of the rules, procedures and mechanisms implemented by the Companies for the prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.


We have a group of financial specialists with proven experience in different local and international companies in Financial Direction and Management positions. Having access to these professionals, allows our clients to have the experience according to their needs, without having a fixed monthly payroll, but knowing that there is total unconditional support according to the requirements of each of our clients.

Payroll administration

We offer an alternative so that companies can focus and concentrate their efforts on growing. The Payroll Administration allows you to leave the preparation and payment of the payroll in expert hands, the management and control of the IESS (Social security) and the Ministry of Labor. All that includes the payroll administration definitely takes time and resources from your business, UHY Ecuador is specialized in preparation of payroll, but also includes additional activities of the human resources department that goes from the personnel recruitment, selection, hiring and administration, in such a way that we assume all the responsibilities of the employees.

Portfolio Management and Recovery

Our portfolio management experts take care of the day-to-day activities, so you can rest easy knowing that someone is watching your portfolio at all times. Our main objective is to turn needs into opportunities, providing integral solutions aimed at reducing costs, minimizing risks and optimizing processes; allowing our clients to focus efforts on their business.

We are a group of professionals who provide specialized, timely and proactive services.

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